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To my knowledge there is no way to close stuff while in Expose. You can close apps while using Command+Tab in native Mac OS X. No.
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Switch Between Individual Windows

Split View on the Mac is possibly harder to use than on the iPad, but once you get used to it it works just as well. Instead of grabbing an app icon and dropping it onto your workspace, like on the iPad, Mac Split-View uses app windows. So, how do you grab a window on the Mac? After all, we grab and drag Mac windows all day long, and they never try to go into a full-screen split view.

How to Use Multiple Desktops (or Spaces) on a Mac

To enter Split View on the Mac, you have to click and drag on the green full-screen button at the top left of any window. Doing so will drop you into Split mode. The menubar disappears, your window shrinks, and a transparent gray block covers half the screen. This block is the target for Split View. Drag your window to the left of the right of the screen, and then drop it.

Once you have dropped your window into one half of the screen, the other half gets filled with miniature versions of all the other app windows that are open. Just click on any one of these to select it as the partner to your first window. Boom , as they say. If you already have an app in full-screen view, you can add another app to make it a Split View.

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How to fix the hide and seek problem with a Mac window and hidden dialog |

Maciej Bembenista Maciej Bembenista 11 2 2 bronze badges. You said, "X sign in the upper left corner", where exactly is this and what OS were you running that you saw this in Mission Control? Nor can I click anything to close a window when in Mission Control, even if when using standard modifier keys. Now in a normal Desktop view if I mouse-over the red close button it changes from solid red to a black x on a red circle but it doesn't do this when in Mission Control, when there it stays solid red on only the front most window prior to going to Mission Control.

Can I close windows from mission control?

When I click on the The x in the upper left corner of the icon for the virtual Desktop it is closed and the apps on that Desktop are moved to another Desktop in either version of the Mac OS. So it is still unclear what your issue is as you've obviously not described it correctly in your original post. I have described it correctly - I want to be able to close apps from Mission Control. If an app can have multiple windows open, such as Safari or Mail, closing a window does not close or quit the app. See Quit apps.

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You can use Mission Control to quickly arrange open windows and spaces in a single layer to easily spot the one you need. Move, align and merge windows On your Mac, do any of the following: Move a window: Drag the window by its title bar to where you want it. Maximise or minimise windows On your Mac, do any of the following in a window: Maximise a window: Press and hold the Option key while you click the green maximise button in the top-left corner of an app window.

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Quickly switch between app windows On your Mac, do any of the following: Switch to the previous app: Press Command-Tab. Close a window In a window on your Mac, click the red close button in the top-left corner of the window or press Command-W.