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Here's a roundup of some of the best programs for stitching panoramas, from free and This Mac app looks on the surface to be good, but it doesn't work well for .. of aspect ratio, with maximum file dimensions of x pixels?.
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Hugin uses the same open source library used by many other software including shareware like PTMac from Kekus Digital. Hugin is, however, free and you can start making panoramic photos without buying any expensive software or equipment. Unlike many similar software, Hugin considers the shapes of the lens and can adapt to the particular distortion profile of your camera. For advanced users, hugin also has many features for making panoramas with special equipment, including two types of fisheye lenses and more.

Multimedia Design. Image Editing. Discover New Mac Apps. Categories Desktop Apps For You. Sign in Create account. Apps For You. Hugin Panorama image tools, now compiled for OS X.

8 Best Photo Stitching Software

Overview Hugin is an open-source panorama photo creation tool. Version This can be done by dcraw requires additional exiftool , RawTherapee or darktable. Hugin Screenshots. Rate this app:. Post review. Most helpful.

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Best Photo Stitching Software to Create Stunning Panorama Photos

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8 Best Photo Stitching Software (Free and Paid)

We will never share your information. Download locations for stable binaries releases are listed by platform here. Hugin is in constant development. From time to time somebody is kind enough to publish binaries of development versions. Hugin selected for Google Summer of Code The Summer of Code pays students to work full-time coding for open source projects. The final deadline is 8th April, but you need to introduce yourself to us on the Hugin-PTX mailing list first.

This version of libpano13 is a requirement for the Hugin See GSoC Hugin for more details. Four students for Google Summer of Code Darko Makreshanski will create an Interactive Panorama Overview, Florian Achleitner will refactor Makefile generation, Antoine Deleforge will integrate libpanomatic, and Thomasz Meger will create a test suite for libpano